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Saving you time

My Loan Pays Me provides a 100% online service. No need to make appointments and take time off work. Just log in and complete your application with our user-friendly custom-built tool. Once your loan is approved, we share part of our Upfront Commission with you as well Trail Commission for the life of the loan! So you earn while paying off your mortgage!

There are many advantages that come your way when you work with My Loan Pays Me:

  • We share part of Upfront Commission with you
  • We share the loan’s Trail Commissions for the life of your loan
  • We use state-of-the-art technology to save you time and effort of applying for a loan
  • Our approach service is designed to provide you peace of mind
  • We regularly connect with our clients to review their situation and offer ways to save time and money with better products available
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Repayment Frequency

Upfront Cashback

This is the total Upront Cashback amount you will receive on your loan balance.
Please note: the loan balance is calculated less the offset funds sitting in your account.


Trail Cashback

This is the total Cashback amount calculated over the term of your loan. The cashback is calculated on your monthly loan balance at the end of month and paid at the end of the monthly. Please note the loan balance is calculated less the total offset funds sitting in your account.


Total Cashback

This is the total Cashback amount you will receive over the term of the loan. Offset feature of the loan is not taken into consideration as this will reduce your cashback amount.


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Why Choose MyLoanPaysMe

Guaranteed share of your loan’s upfront and trail commissions for the life of your loan

My Loan Pays Me is mortgage service with a mission - we want to put more time back in your day and more money back in your pocket. We are qualified, licensed and authorized Mortgage Brokers who will guide you through your loan application and present options about which bank or credit union best suits your needs and goals. Once your loan is settled, we share part of the upfront commission with your right away. We follow it up with sharing part of our trail commission with you for the life of your loan through My Loan Pays Me.

Why do we do this? It’s our goal to see hardworking Australian Mums and Dads be rewarded for making us a part of their journey to buy a new home. By giving back, we empower our clients to use the additional funds for things they need. Is it time you got a loan that pays you back?

Giving back to the Community

MyLoanPaysMe is a mortgage broking business with a strong sense of commitment to the community.

Our commitment shows in how we share our broker's commissions with our clients - the first such business to do so - putting more money in their pockets.

Our spirit of sharing goes even further than offering cashback to clients. We have also joined hands with various charity organisations to give back to the larger community as well. Our clients choose a charity and we donate part of our commission to it to give back to the community.

We extend a very warm welcome to first two partners to come on board. We are working with many others to reach various sections of society and connect with various communities as well.

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